Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unexpected progress

So I scaled back the intensity of my training since I started my campaign for District Attorney. But an odd thing happened. Somehow I set new personal records ("pr's") despite backing off the intensity. Here's how it happened:
I resumed using the 24kg kettlebells instead of the 28kg's. The 24's felt so much lighter after the 28's, that I often set a fast pace just to get a good workout. I set new pr's with the 24's, including 60 reps in 6 minutes for 2x24kg Long Cycle.
I got so used to keeping a fast pace with the 24's, that using the 28's for a slower pace seemed less intense. So occasionally I resumed 2x28 LC for slower paced sets. Sometimes I would not pace the sets, and would merely set the timer to go off at the end of the set instead of once a minute.
Tonight I performed 52 reps of 2x28kg LC in eight minutes. That is a pr for time as well as reps. The irony is that, tonight, like many of the nights I've set new pr's, I was so tired I doubted I would work out. But I decided to just give it a shot. Eight minutes later I had a new pr.
I'll take it.
Now for a video. In keeping with my last post, this video is a campaign-related video instead of a lifting video. It depicts my speech to the Macon City Council in favor of an ordinance to regulate massage parlors and therefore drive out of business the sex trafficking operations that operate under the banner of massage. Combating sex trafficking is a major issue in my campaign, and has been a primary mission and specialty of my career. My speech begins about 3:00 in.

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