Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kettlebell Sport on backburner

Most of you know that this sport is my one real hobby. Basically, I work a very stressful job, I have a wife and three kids, and we are all very involved in our church. I only have time for one hobby, and that's kettlebell sport.
About a month ago, I learned that the District Attorney in my town is resigning to run for judge. I have always wanted to be the elected District Attorney, and I knew that if I ever wanted to run for the office, this was the time. The district happened to have a real need for someone with my experience (there is a severe problem with sex trafficking in my jurisdiction, and prosecuting sex crimes is a primary specialty of mine, so its a good fit).
All that is to say I have begun campaigning for the job in earnest. While the campaign does place demands on my time, I still have enough time to exercise as much I would need to achieve my kettlebell sport goals. The issue is intensity.
Political campaigns require a high degree of stress on the body. This is in addition to the high demands of my day job, prosecuting crimes against women and children as chief prosecutor of a Special Victims Unit (SVU).
The practical consequence of this is that I dropped down in weight to lifting the 24kg kettlkebells instead of the 28kg size. Although I've occasionally had the energy to set new personal records (say, 60 reps of 2x24kg LC in 6:00) I just don't have the energy to lift the 28kg bells on a regular basis.
So I have pushed back my goals of making CMS and MS this year, in favor of being elected District Attorney. Once that happens, I'll return to the goals and begin working on them.
Here's a different kind of video than you are used to seeing here. Me reading my announcement speech. It was raining, so there were only about 40-50 people there (I had over 100 set to be there a week earlier before I had to reschedule to allow the Secretary of State to make sure there was going to be an election instead of a gubernatorial appointment):


  1. Thanks, Josh. I'm really excited about it.

  2. CMS can wait! Sounds like an awesome opportunity. Best of luck with your campaign.

  3. Thanks, Alex. I'm working on it night and day.

  4. Thanks, Boris. I'm still working it.

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