Saturday, October 15, 2011


Today I set a new personal record of 97 reps in the 2x24kg long cycle clean and jerk.

I didn't feel like working out tonight, and I sat on my garage steps looking at the bells for about 5 minutes before I picked them up. I finally cursed and picked them up, figuring I might as well try for a pr since any workout tonight would feel like suffering anyway.
The set was un-paced; I just set the timer for 10:00 and started a mental countdown from 95 (the rep total I estimated I'd get). I did the 95 and two more reps before the timer went off.
After putting down the bells, I walked around my driveway for 5 minutes catching my breath before my wife asked me to go to the grocery store. I'll probably stretch and take a walk after the kids are in bed.
For now I'm finishing off the homemade lasagna my wife made and a nice glass of red Spanish wine a friend brought me yesterday. This was a good pr.
Until next time...


  1. That really is a good result! Wish I can reach that level one day. Right now Im trying to reach a decent level with 2 x 20... Let´s just say, theres a long way to go :)

  2. Thanks, Johan. I've found the greatest factor in progress is showing up. Working out 5-6 days per week is the best way to improve. With consistent work I am sure that you will master the 20s and be on to the 24s in no time.