Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inching closer to CMS

Today I finally crossed the 60 rep barrier in 2x28kg Long Cycle.
I performed 60 reps in 9:43, which is just under 6.2 rpm.
I did not pace this set with a minute timer. Instead, I just set my chronograph timer for ten minutes and started lifting. The goal was 60 reps before the timer went off.
Initially I thought about going for 65 reps, but by the time I reached 60 my form was breaking down and I was afraid I might drop the bells on my head instead of fixating them overhead. So at 60 I just set them down.
If I had known there was only 17 seconds until the 10 min mark I would have held on...maybe. I'm still very pleased with the pr, and to be a few more reps closer to the CMS mark (69 reps).
Next I'll work towards going the entire 10 minutes without setting down the bells, and increasing my pace to 7-8 rpm for the 10 minutes. I only have to average 6.9 rpm for 10 minutes to make the 69 reps required, but I'd prefer to have some "cushion" in my average 10 minute pace when I try for CMS in competition.
For now, I'm enjoying a post-workout snack of wine and cheese. Maybe not the snack of champions, but it works for me. :)


  1. Hey David,
    Great job. Sometimes I think taking a step back allows us to take a bigger step forward. Especially when dealing with GS in the over 40 population. I firmly believe that I pushed too hard, mostly because I was so darn close to the elusive CMS biathlon numbers. This ultimately led to injury which I am still recovering from. Like you, if I get back on the platform, I think I will focus first on the IKFF CMS biathlon numbers with the 24s before pushing the 28's again. Overall, I think it is safer for us.

    Hope to see you on the platform again soon,


  2. Thanks, Matt. I hope all is well with you and that your injury continues to heal.
    See you soon,

  3. Great job David, way ahead of me. CMS will come in no time flat.

  4. Thanks, Boris. Hope all is well with you.