Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Great Pumpkins: AKC's 28kg Kettlebells

After making Rank I earlier this month, I immediately set my sights on acheiving my Candidate for Master of Sport ("CMS") ranking in 2010. According to an article on the Unified Sports Classification System of the USSR, Rank I equates to regional champion. Candidate for Master of Sport, often thought of as a bridge between the amateur and pro ranks, equates to being nationally ranked. At least that's what the article says here:

I understand Russia and other former Soviet countries still use a similar system for classifying their athletes. My current ranking falls under the World Kettlebell Club auspices. Their ranking tables appear here:

To acheive the CMS ranking in Men's Long Cycle Clean and Jerk I'd need to perform 69 clean and jerks with two 28kg kettlebells. Weighing approximately 62 pounds, they are nearly nine pounds heavier than the 53 lb kettlebells I used to acheive my Rank I.
The only thing standing in my way of acheiving my CMS (other than months in the gym, ha ha) was my lack of 28kg kettlebells. If you are a follower of my blog you know that I consider the AKC/WKC kettlbells to be some of the best you can buy, and the absolute best buy for your money. I checked prices again before making this purchase. AKC was actually running a sale that made the bells even more affordable than ever. I emailed them to make sure they were in stock, then ordered two 28kg kettlebells. They arrived about a week later.
These bells are identical in quality and dimensions to the 24kg bells I ordered last summer. They are truly high-quality products. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.
I immediately opened them upon their arrival, only to be sharply rebuked by my wife. These bells were to be a X-mas present to me from my kids, and she was afraid they would see me with them. So I packed them back in their boxes and carried them inside for my wife and kids to wrap them. After the bells were wrapped, my kids asked me to carry them and place them under the X-mas tree ("Daddy we bought you some heavy rocks for X-mas; can you put them under the tree? Be careful, they are special rocks").
The children were so exicted to be giving me something that I really wanted,they asked me to open my presents first. Here is what I found:

Later, I took a few photos of them in my garage gym:

A close up. Notice the quality of the finish, particularly the handles:

The next competition tentatively scheduled in my area is Scott Shetler's GA State Championships in late June or early July. I plan to go for my CMS numbers on that day if logistics allow. Wish me luck.

I'll close with two more photos. One of my lovely wife, Rebecca (sporting her X-mas gifts from the kids and me: a peacock pearl necklace and emerald ear rings), who decided kettlebells would be a perfect X-mas gift for me from the kids, and my youngest child Maddie, displaying her favorite gift: a toy pig she named "Filthy". No I am not kidding.


  1. Nice David. Glad to see Santa brought you some goodies. ;-)

  2. Thanks, Josh. I hope you've had a great holiday. Did you ever make it up ATL way to see your in-laws?

  3. Got to see the inlaws. But we could not leave for Acworth before late afternoon so that threw my plans with Scott all off. Oh well. I am in no rush.

    And for the record, my holiday was great. Thanks for asking.

  4. David those bells are beauts! Good luck in your CMS training.

  5. Those are some sweet bells. AKC has definitely stepped-up the quality. I will probably get a pair of 28s some day soon if I can scrape some cash together.

  6. And your daughter and her porcine friend are cute too! :)

  7. Thanks for the comments and well wishes, guys.
    I'll be making a new post soon.