Thursday, November 12, 2009

GS Longevity

In my last post (WTH effect) I mentioned how there is a 63-year-old Latvian GS athlete who can best my Long Cycle personal record by 20 reps. It's actually worse than that:
He can beat it by 31 reps (He did 111 reps at a competition in Kerch, Russia, last February).
And he lifts in the weight class below me. His name is Adolfas Vejelis.
Not only that, but there is a 70-year-old GS athlete, Nikolaj Sazonov of the Ukraine, who can beat my pr by 10 reps.
He did 90 reps at the same Kerch competition.
He lifts four weight classes below me.
These men are lifting the same size kettlebells that I use (two 24 kg/52.8 lb kettlebells).
These GS facts are simultaneously humbling and encouraging. On the one hand, every time I start to feel too proud about my progress, seeing the results of a masters or veterans match from Russia and the performance of men older than my father humbles me in a hurry.
On the other hand, I know that, as a 40-year-old athlete that's new to competition lifting, I can reasonably expect to improve and perform at a high level for decades to come (guys who hope to date my daughters in the coming years, take note: I plan to be stronger than you even when I'm drawing Social Security).
These athletes I have mentioned are not aberrations. Although they are high-level athletes, their continued success and acheivement is not unusual for older GS athletes who put in dedicated training time. Another GS blogger featured a similar post on another older GS athlete here:
This promise of increased strength, stamina, and work capacity at any age, along with an exceedingly low rate of injury, attract me to GS more than anything. I can't imagine myself ever quitting.
Special thanks to Smet, who's thread topic at the IGX forum inspired this post. Here are the official results from the Kerch comp:

Here is 62-year-old Eduard Trusevich of Latvia finishing the last minute of a 220 rep snatch set with the 24kg kettlebell at the Ventspils Atlans comp in 2007:

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