Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kettlbell Competition(s)

So many of you know I plan to compete in the 2nd Annual American Kettlebell Club Southeast Kettlebell Sport Championship in the Atlanta area on December 5th. I'm hoping to acheive my "Rank I" level classification in the long cycle event at that event. For my weight class that means cleaning and jerking two 24kg kettlebells for at least 69 reps in 10 minutes.
Since my last entry I have bested that goal twice in training. On one test day, I acheived 80 reps in just under 10 minutes. I video recorded this test on my cell phone. Since then, I haven't been able to locate my adapter to load the video on to my computer and post it to the web for critiques. Regardless, I've watched my performance and I think I may need to work on my lockouts to make sure every rep counts on competition day. So instead of working on increasing pace or duration, I've been working on crisp lockouts for every rep.
This post isn't just about kettlebell lifting competition. The competition in the marketplace has changed. Since my last Kettlebell Comparison post, a number of companies began offering competition style kettlebells, while others have improved their quality. Ader and Agatsu are now offering competition style kettlebells that appear to be similar in quality to the AKC kettlebells. And, based on forum postings (including photos) at IGX, Perform Better has improved the quality of their competition style kettlebells, particularly in the handle area. Prices are always subject to change, but based on my recent review of prices, AKC kettlebells still seem to be the best deal on the market. Still, it looks like their competitors now offer a good product at a good price. This can only benefit the consumer. I am glad that the competition style kettlebell is becoming more the norm than the older style offered by Dragondoor. Hopefully, this means the sport will continue to grow.

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