Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trying a New Long Cycle Template

I've been focusing on Long Cycle for a few months now, and I've been very pleased with my progress.
The workout is performed 5-6 days a week. The template is one to two 5-7 minute sets, with the goal of increasing the rpm's or duration each workout. I got the idea from some folks at the AKC.
The approach has worked well. I've increased my 2x24kgs pr from 37 reps in 5 minutes (just over 7 rpm) to 59 reps in 7 minutes (just over 8 rpm). I've had multiple workouts where I've maintained over 10 rpm for several minutes. It seems I constantly set new pr's.
That being said, the template can be very draining. Even though my workouts take less than 20 minutes to complete (sometimes the core of it is only five minutes) those few minutes can be hell. Such hell that some days I don't want to pick up the bells. I've had several days where I've set a new pr one day, but crashed and burned the next. And even on the pr days, it was very very hard. Not just physically hard, but mentally hard. I've actually finished a five minute set where my brain was so exhausted I felt like I'd just taken a law school exam.
Recently I read of another training template for LC specialists. I found the template at another GS training blog. Here is the post featuring the template:

Tonight I tried Microcycle 1 day 1. It went very well. Here are my results:
LC 2x24kg 2 min 23 reps. rpms = 11,12.
Target rpms were 8rpm, 16 reps total.
Enjoyed this sprint.
Waited a few minutes, then
LC 2x20kg 3 min 35 reps. rpms = 12,12,11. just missed 12th rep min 3.
Target rpms were 10 rpm, 30 reps total.
Also enjoyed this sprint.

I think I will enjoy this approach. I may find that nothing works as well as what I have been using. It has served me well. But the mental fatigue was very draining. I had to find something to "wave the load" to make it easier mentally. This template may be the ticket.

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  1. Just found your Blog,
    it's like reading my own ;-)

    I will come along here often i forecast.

    Best for you and your workout.
    keep it up!!

    Daniel -germany-