Thursday, June 4, 2009

Inaugural Post

I am a 40-year-old married father of three, and a career prosecutor. My wife and I (and our kids) are very involved in our church. We have very little free time outside of work and church.

My one real hobby is lifting kettlebells. I lift at home, in my garage, after we have put the kids in bed and made their school lunches for the next day.

I love kettlebells because they condition me for real life. The standard spiel I give is that ketttlebell workouts give me the conditioning to unload a moving truck then push mow my lawn, and not be too tired or sore to go to church the next day. It's a workout that prepares you to work in the garden or the lawn. If someone asks you to help them dig ditches, or put up fence posts or some other hard labor one Saturday, you can do it, even if all you do Monday through Friday is sit at desk all day.

Kettlebells were developed in Russia as counterweights for grain scales. People noticed that the guys who moved the kettlebells all day were very strong and resilient. Eventually, they became a physical training tool. Over time, lifting kettlebells became a sporting event in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Recently, the sport has gained popularity outside of the former Soviet bloc. Pavel Tsatsouline popularized kettlebells as a training tool in the US and other countries. True kettlebell sport lifting in the US followed a few years later, and was popularized by Valery Fedorenko.

I have yet to compete in any kettlebell sport contests, but I hope to one day. Right now I just train in my garage, and chat with other kettlebell enthusiasts on discussion boards.
That's all for now. A couple links on Fedorenko and Tsatsouline appear below.

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